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Impact Travel: What is it and What does it look like at Mara Napa Camps?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

These days, many people are wanting not just to travel, but to travel with a purpose. There is nothing more fulfilling than visiting a foreign country, having an amazing experience, and returning home having made a positive change in the community. This is impact travel, also referred to as socially conscious travel, philanthropic travel, or legacy travel.

When booking your safari, look for camps that are channeling their resources into the local community. At Mara Napa, you can feel especially good that every dollar you spend for lodging and safaris directly benefits the Maasai community. In addition, guests are offered an opportunity for hands-on change-making. Helping to refurbish a local school, creating a library, installing a water source for livestock and community members, or upgrading a maternity clinic are just a few of the ways guests can make a positive impact while simultaneously enjoying the magic of the Mara wildlife.

Each time you return to Mara Napa Camps you will enjoy the satisfaction of seeing what your previous visit has achieved. Instead of being a voyeur, impact travel offers you the opportunity for an in-depth experience, and an intimate connection to the culture and people of the region.

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