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Prince Harris Taga is a native Maasai and an advocate for living sustainably

Prince Harris Taga is a native Maasai and a lifelong advocate for living sustainably with nature and wildlife. In addition to Mara Napa Camps, Harris is also the founder of Friends of Maasai Mara, a conservation and education non-profit. Harris is the lead organizer of the Global March for Elephants, Rhinos, and Lions with thousands of participating from around the globe, every year. Harris' goal is to teach young people, about their rich wildlife heritage and to engage his home community in protecting wildlife and the local ecosystem for future generations. He believes that nurturing the natural empathy that young people have, is the key to coexistence between people and wildlife in the 21st century. Harris left a career in mechanical engineering to pursue his passion of wildlife conservation. You can see his talent for engineering and design in every aspect of Mara Napa where he is chief of architecture, design, and construction. Prince is married to his wife Miriam, who is also actively involved in the Mara Napa Center. They have a daughter named Naisula, who was born June 9th 2022.

Michelle Nirenstein is a wildlife advocate and her global passions include women's empowerement and conservation
Benefactor, & Designer

Michelle Nirenstein has been a wildlife advocate since childhood. Her global passions are cultural preservation, women's empowerment, and wildlife conservation. Michelle's work with Mara Napa and Friends of Mara is on a volunteer, un-paid basis. In addition to her involvement with Mara Napa Camps and Friends of Maasai Mara, she is a former Rotary club president and charter member of The Rotary Club for Global Action in the U.S., supporting local as well as numerous international projects. She holds a bachelors degree in psychology and business. Michelle has enjoyed careers in new product development, commercial real estate, as well as fashion and interior design. When not in the Mara, Nirenstein lives in Austin, Texas where she manages Mara Napa Foundation.  She is the mother of two grown children, Parker and Madison, and a french bulldog named Moo.

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