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Maasai traditional dance at a local Manyatta

Mara Napa Camps is the first destination resort in the Maasai Mara to channel ALL of its profits back into the community.


The goals of Mara Napa Camps are to ensure wildlife conservation, cultural preservation, and community empowerment. Through educational programs, on-the-job training, and entrepreneurial support, community members develop self-reliance that is sustainable. In addition, MNC assists the community with road maintenance, flood control, building upgrades or other needs as they present themselves.


In 2018, seeing the absence of a cultural museum or visitor center anywhere in the Mara, the founders of Mara Napa Camps and Conservation Center began working to fill that void. Plans are under way to construct a Maasai museum, visitor and guide center, theatre, classrooms, radio and drone surveillance station, community cafe, and mobile vet/medical clinic. Mara Napa provides a gathering place for community members, tourists, and researchers to exchange ideas, collect knowledge, or simply pause to enjoy the wildlife that frequents the site.


The Mara Napa Camps and Conservation Center are designed, owned, and operated by local Maasai. Income from the camp directly benefits the local population, Mara wildlife conservation efforts, and community projects: no money leaves the Maasai Mara.

  • ALL profits are channeled back into the community and conservation efforts.


  • During construction, Mara Napa Camps offered paid, on-the-job training to locals, empowering young people with skills they can use to build sustainable lives. Ongoing training is available in auto mechanics, construction, hospitality, event planning, bee keeping, waste management, solar power, and medicinal plant use.


  • Mara Napa Camps and Conservation Center is a not-for-profit compound designed to operate in partnership and in harmony with the local Maasai people and the indigenous animals of the Mara.


  • We are the only camp in the area that is designed by, built by, and run by local Maasai, using indigenous knowledge and design principles. The community and wildlife benefit equally from the operation.

Faded Mara Symbol
Visitor working with local Maasai children
Local Maasai man caring bags for guests of a safari trip in the Maasai Mara
Local Maasai Mara men building the Mara Napa Camp bridge
Local maasai man sewing and being supported by Mara Napa Camps
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